ValueEveryone agrees that recycling makes sense and that it is good for the environment. Beyond altruism, however, recycling really only occurs in practice if it is a Value-Added activity.

As the following Value Propositions show, Nationwide Foam's recycling programs will add value to your re-roofing project - we guarantee it!

Value Proposition #1- SAVE MONEY - We will save you money. No matter where your project is located or when it is slated to start, we will provide an accurate quote with absolutely no hidden charges. The bottom line? You will know your costs to recycle and how they compare to sending the material(s) to the local landfill. In the vast majority of cases, we will save you money. Many times, a lot of money!

Value Proposition #2 - SAVE TIME, IT'S EASY - We will save you time. Yes, it is easy to recycle with Nationwide Foam - we promise! Our simple 1, 2, 3 system ensures that recycling is integrated into the re-roofing workflow without complication, extra work or time delays. Nationwide Foam has successfully provided recycling services to hundreds of roofers at thousands of re-roofing projects across North America.

Value Proposition #3 - WIN BIDS - Since we will save you money, you'll win more bids - period! Roofers that use Nationwide Foam's services are more competitive, more sought after and better regarded than those that don't.

Value Proposition #4 - HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT, HELPS WIN BIDS - Beyond the dollars, bids that contain a recycling program are more attractive because you help your customer reach their Sustainability, Corporate Recycling and L.E.E.D. goals.

Value Proposition #5 - MEET RECYCLING RULES AND REGULATIONS - Nobody likes to talk about regulations, but recycling rules and regulations are on the rise nationwide and are here to stay. Many government entities REQUIRE recycling for all their projects. By recycling now, you meet and exceed regulations that affect your business or your customer.

What Our Customers Are Saying

See What Our Customers Are Saying
Rosedale Construction
Travis Duke,
Rosedale Roofing Co.,
Baltimore, MD
RCS Construction
Joe Gretchen,
RCS Construction,
Gaithersburg, MD
Tecta America

"Recycling roofing construction materials such as packaging, metal, wood, insulation and membrane can be a cost-effective option to consider as part of an overall roof management strategy. "We have been fortunate to develop relationships with clients who value sustainability and have come to rely on our roof consultants for objective and technically sound information to manage their roofing assets."

Ron Harriman, V.P. and Partner at Benchmark, Inc
Tecta America
TectaAmerica, the largest national commercial roofing company in the U.S, has partnered with Nationwide Foam Recycling, the country's largest rigid foam insulation board and membrane recycler for commercial flat roof replacement projects. Tecta America, read what the President says...More
Tecta America"The Carlisle SynTec- Nationwide Foam Referral Program has been a win - win for all parties involved with CSL Materials here in Texas. The program they offer is easy;"Susan Deaton, Carlisle SynTec, Arlington, TX...More
"We were extremely pleased to learn that we could keep a significant amount of re-roofing material out of the landfill by recycling the existing roof membrane. Not only did recycling the existing membrane make sense and help us move towards our goal of being more environmentally responsible, it allowed us to help our customer, Sara Lee Bakery, realize it's goal of reducing the amount of waste generated at the facility. Sara Lee was very supportive of the idea and Nationwide Foam made it easy for us to offer this service. We will look to Nationwide Foam in the future as a source for recycling membrane and foam insulation boards on all our re-roofing projects." Project's Roofing Contractor - February 2011
"The recycling portion of the project went very smoothly. I will continue to use your company as a resource for our future re-roofing projects. Thank you for your assistance with the project." Tom Caspari, Missouri Builders Service, Inc.
"Everything went very well, we are looking forward to working together again soon." Thank You, Bill, York PA
"With the size of the roof, there would have been a lot of EPDM and insulation heading to the landfill. As it turned out, NFI was able to save us money by recycling the EPDM and insulation. And, we were happy to keep all that material out of the landfill." Roofing Contractor Magazine Feb 2010
"It was a smooth and straightforward process for us. Nationwide completed the job as quoted with no hidden charges. In fact, even the ballast was hauled away to be cleaned and recycled, so everything that could be recycled on this job was recycled." Roofing Contractor Magazine Feb 2010
"It was a pleasure working with you on this last job and I will recommend NFI to other companies I work with. Thank You." Anonymous
"On a sizeable project like this we felt that offering to recycle the old materials was one more way for our bid to stand out. We felt good being able to support the environment. With the additional cost savings there was no reason not to do it." Roofing Contractor Magazine Feb 2010

Customer Satisfaction

To insure customer satisfaction, Nationwide Foam Recycling sends a Field Representative to each job site to confirm that the foam removal and loading is proceeding smoothly.

The Field Representative also performs a basic inspection of the foam coming off the roof. This enables us, based upon the type of foam, to send the material to the appropriate Nationwide Foam Recycling destination facility for reprocessing.
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