Sustainability Managers

Sustainability Managers Job one for the CSO is to ensure that the company's activities dovetail with CERES in the best way possible. Nationwide Foam Recycling can help!

While striving for ISO 14000 compliance is a daily challenge, large waste generation events, like re-roofing projects, are overlooked. The average re-roofing project generates millions of pounds of re-roofing debris with the corresponding adverse effect on the corporate ecological footprint.

Insist on the LEED eligible Green Disposal Alternative and specify recycling in re-roofing projects. Recycling roof debris makes sense and assists in meeting your Corporate Sustainability Objectives.

Nationwide Foam Recycling will allow your client to exceed Sustainability Goals.

Nationwide Foam Recycling will track all of the re-roofing material from your job sites and will provide real time updates outlining the total number of pounds and square feet of material diverted from landfills.

Nationwide Foam Recycling's Engineer/Architect Recognition Program acknowledges those professionals that encourage and specify recycling.


Customer Satisfaction

To insure customer satisfaction, Nationwide Foam sends a Field Representative to each job site to confirm that the foam, membrane and ballast removal and loading is proceeding smoothly.

The Field Representative also performs a basic inspection of the foam coming off the roof. This enables us to send the material to the appropriate Nationwide Foam destination facility for reprocessing and recycling.

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